Cashmere wool is a soft luxury

Cashmere wool is a soft luxury fibre appreciated for its warm, soft, and beautiful sweaters, scarves, and dresses. Cashmere is said to be the finest and lightest wool in the world. Cashmere is known for its diversity and adaptability and usually comes in three different natural colours including gray, brown and white.

100% pure Cashmere only comes from the Cashmere goat. These goats can be found in the high plateau regions of Asia, including India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and China. Few, however, still live in the Cashmere region of India where their name originated from. To ensure that you are getting real Cashmere when shopping for a sweater or jacket, make sure that the label states that the item is made from 100% pure Cashmere. To get the cashmere wool from under the goat's outer hair, you can comb it out, gently, during the two times a year when the goat is shedding. Each goat produces less than three ounces of this wool in a year, so it takes three goats to make even a small scarf and thirty or more to make a blanket. A sweater requires the fleece of 4 – 6 goats; an overcoat uses that of 30 – 40.

This wool can be spun into either fine yarn or thick yard and it can be woven into light weight fabric or heavy weight fabric. Cashmere also has a high moisture content which allows its insulating strength to adjust according to the relative humidity of its environment. This makes it a great material for just about any climate. If you live in an area that gets very cold then Cashmere makes a great layering material as even lightweight materials made from Cashmere can keep you warm.

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